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Hey! I'm RHODA and i’d love to help you navigate and propel your business through the world of marketing



Why hello there! I am a Ghanaian born, Toronto raised, Saskatchewan residing Marketing Maven. I work with entrepreneurs to attract more customers and grow their audiences through strategic marketing anchored by compelling and dynamic storytelling techniques.

At age 12 I used to watch Oprah with my mom and its from the media mogul that I learned the power of storytelling (we're totally besties in my head). I completely fell in love with the power of story to connect, engage, inspire and move people and I’ve been refining my craft ever since. Producing stories has landed me amazing opportunities with CBC, City TV, Much Music and several other media publications.

Speaking is another passion of mine and absolutely love getting the chance to connect with other incredible women and just let them know you’ve totally got this sis!! In addition to all that fun stuff I'm also a proud nerd with a Master Arts Arts Degree in Media Production from Ryerson University, An Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto and just for kicks during summer break at U of T I earned a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Seneca College. Fun times :) 

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“ Stories are powerful. Its what we repeat most to ourselves that dictates what we believe about ourselves, and everything around us. ” - Rhoda