Losa Chic Boutique

Branding + Digital Content Strategy


Yorkton SK


Digital Marketing Strategy + Content creation


Sarah is an incredible business woman with style and savvy and I had the opportunity to team up with her for a brand refresh for her stylish clothing boutique Losa Chic Boutique. First we tackled her digital presence and developed a strategy to help her curate a more consistent and cohesive brand presence on instagram and facebook. Then it was on to execution with a stylized photoshoot complete with beautiful flat lays and a brand video reflecting the mood and message she wanted her brand to represent.


  • Defining her niche and mining deeper insight into her target demographic, their interest, wants and preferences in order to speak their language and increase appeal through her brand presence.

  • A fun, brand video providing her customers with a more intimate look behind the scenes of her boutique and insider view on what a day in the life is like at the shop. The video’s relatable, personable and upbeat tone perfectly channeled Sarah’s personality and her passion for her business.

  • In order to move beyond “look at me” advertising to “here’s something valuable I just happen to provide” marketing we developed a set of conversation CTAs through a series of engagement posts still in line with the personality of Losa Chic Boutique. We wanted to invite customers to engage with posts on a deeper level by providing more opportunities for “girl talk” with the ‘Ask Losa’ instagram series.

  • Sarah’s introductory post using my storytelling method to social media generated the highest number of likes and comments received that year on any other post and a 400% jump in engagement.

Rhoda Twumasi