a vision without a strategy remains an illusion - lee bolman

Signature Strategy Package

let me know if any of this sounds FAMILIAR:

  • You have a BIG vision for your business but have no idea how to connect the dots between where you are today and where you want to be?

  • You’ve put countless hours into creating an amazing product or service but nobody knows about it!

  • You’ve spent money on news paper ads, radio ads, billboard ads and still aren’t getting value on your investment

  • You keep hearing about online marketing and social media but have no clue where to even begin using it for your business

Well then you are in the right place!

You cannot simply stand in a location, wish you were somewhere else, close your eyes, click your heels twice chanting “there’s no place like home” and then magically end up in your ideal tomorrow. Growing a successful business requires intentional execution and that is what my signature strategic planning package provides.


My signature strategic planning package will equip you with a gorgeous strategy - that’s more than just a pretty face.


benefit ONE

My collaborative approach ensures all members have their voice heard. I dig deep so no surprises on the day of planning.


benefit TWO

I care. This might sound silly but you and your business is not just another number or client. Your success is my success and you can trust that I employ all my resource to ensure this.


benefit THREE

Most businesses do not tell their story. My highly designed, aesthetically beautiful magazine style reports incorporate elements of your company’s background, and records of achievement so to celebrate everything your organization stands for.


benefit FOUR

My interactive workshops ensure everyone is engaged and feels they can contribute their thoughts in a safe space. Issues may be deep but our exploration of your organization goes deeper and a safe environment enables this.


The process

What's your game plan for achieving your goals? If you're not sure it might be time to get some help with strategy mapping session. Where are you today?  Where do you want to be tomorrow? And how will you get there?  Let's sort out the details shall we?


Fill out the contact sheet and tell me a bit more about yourself, your company.


Let’s see if we’re a good fit - I’ll schedule a face to face or zoom call getting to get to know more about you and how we can work together to overcome current business challenges. I go through my entire planning process with you so you have the chance to ask questions and feel confident about our direction.


I put together high-level proposal of a strategy sessions and we discuss session goals ensuring everyone is on the same page. Then we book a date for the session.


Turn on the Rider game and kick your feet back! No really, you can relax now. You’ve hired me so I’ll take it from here. I’ll be in continuous communication with you every step of the way providing updates as each step progresses leading to our session.

Sound good? Well then what are we waiting for! Click the link below and let’s talk details.