Chose You

Last week I had an amazing conversation with a wellness coach named Chivon for an upcoming episode of the Awkward Boss Podcast. Without giving too much away because I don’t want to spoil anything ( and trust me Y'all, this is an episode you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! She talks straight from the heart about how masking insecurities with over productivity eventually led her to burn out and crashing) but we did spend some time discussing seasons in life that feel like desert wasteland.


I’m not sure if you’ve ever felt like this but I have a lot. Probably for the last 20 years of my life I’ve felt the pressure and anxiety that comes with measuring myself against my peers and not feeling like I’ve accomplished enough. As if there’s this invisible race we’re all locked in together sprinting towards an ever-retreating finish line. Go to school, finish school, get the job, get married, buy a house have kids, go back to work, get a better job, keep a house and look like a Kardashian while doing it all. The pressure to keep up with the Joneses can be immense and eventually led you crumpled up in the fetal position in the bathtub but worst of all, it leaves you unable to recognize the things you are good at, find value in yourself and appreciate yourself and your natural God-given talents. People deal with his breakdown in many different ways. Chivon decided to just walk away. She left her business, job and took an entire year to find who she was again. That is a bold decision when you may already be feeling like your lagging behind. But guess what happened in that year? She rediscovered who she was and learned to fortify her strength instead of asking her weaknesses and this boss babe has never looked back.

Her story reminded me of an interview I watched with Black Panther’s Princess Shuri aka Leticia Wright where she talked about the year before landing the role in the record-shattering blockbuster hit film, she took a year off from the acting world because she needed to reconnect with what was important.  Once she came back, well we all know how that turned out. How amazing is that? 


Nothing bad ever comes from learning to love and value yourself. Even if it means peacing out from the world, friends, old hangs for a while, you can only get ahead when you take the time to let yourself be refined by the processes. It might be hard but maintaining the mask of someone you’re not but think you're supposed to be is a million times harder with less return.  The person you are meant to be, the true you might cost you friends, familiarity, jobs, and relationships – choose you anyway.

Till next time, keep rising,


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