How to attract the right customers

These days you will hear everyone and their momma, and their momma’s dog talking about finding your niche and narrowing your brand identity. But it’s way easier said than done especially if you have several different skill sets, passions or interests. For example I am a formally trained journalist and storyteller with a master’s Degree in Media Production (my student loan can testify to this!) I also love interviewing people and have started (and stopped) multiple youtube channels through the years. I also mentor and coach aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs on how to leverage their expertise to make an income. And then there is my marketing agency where I work with businesses to develop and execute strategic business plans and targeted marketing strategies to attract and grow their target audience. Whew, that was a lot. But moving forward as an effective entrepreneur, juggling all of those titles only confuses the audience I’m trying to attract and can keep me stuck at one level of income and growth.

In order to really start elevating your brand it is important to really narrow down who you are talking to otherwise you’l be sending out multiple mixed messages that will only confuse and repel instead of attract your audience. But have no fear! Theres a formula to finding your identity and I want to help you figure out why you do what you do and then turn that into a business. Once you know you're why, you’ll be better able to communicate it to someone else and therefore draw in customers. You’ll be able to tell the the world what you do, who you do it for, and most importantly why you do it. 

Something I needed to deal with was fully owning my desires. I held off on doing this because I was afraid what I was wasn’t enough to accomplish my grand day dreams and goals for what I wanted.  Looking back Ive always been an entrepreneur but was terrified of owning that title. I owned a lemonade stand at age 8. And during the summers in middle school my brother Joel and I had a gardening business. Once we got paid 8 toonies to weed someone’s garden box. it was awesome!

In theory, we are all here for a purpose, a higher calling, great but sometimes truly believing that is a struggle. Jeremiah 9:11 is probably the most overused, taken out of context verse ever but as I do believe there are the clues God leaves for us to figure out our purpose and connecting it with what other people’s needs. After all helping people through challenges, yes, even through a service you are paid for.

It might sound cheesy but to attract your target customer be yourself! That doesn’t just mean to quietly sit in a corner and allow the power of your amazing aura to intoxicate people and draw them to you like the pied piper of aroma. Nope. You need to authentically be yourself which means do what you do well and with a servant’s heart and document your process for people to see so they can learn about the amazing person you are too. Forget the competition because you need to be so focused on strengthening who you are and living your purpose that no one else will be able to do what you do.  Yo are one of a kind. Be you consistently and your tribe will come.

in the wise words of Gary Vaynerchuck:

Passion is contagious. Its why you shell out money for something you might not have cared about because the person was was so passionate about it.  Gary Vaynerchuk 

Keep rising,